Telephone and Internet Data Points

Need more points?  We can install additional points for your home or business.

Satellite TV

We can add and/or relocate points so that you can enjoy your Satellite TV in any room of your home.  With modern advancements, you can have the ability to watch from your one set top box in multiple rooms.

Moving house? We can even relocate your system.

Home Theatre & Surround Sound

Want that "Movie Experience" at home?  We can supply and install a home theatre and surround sound system to suit any room, or we can install and set up your own system.

Video Intercom

From $950.00 installed* 


See, hear & speak to visitors before opening the door!


Enjoy the peace of mind a video door-phone can bring. Stylish and high quality, they consist of an outdoor camera with door bell/entry button and a 7” viewing screen in your choice of black or white.  


The Touch kit comes complete with one front door station and one 7” touch screen internal receiver / monitor. Expandable to two front doors and four internal monitors.   You can divert the camera images to your mobile when you’re not at home too! 


Whilst you are at home, this system works as a video intercom allowing you to see and speak to the person at the door.  Whilst away from the home, you can divert this to your mobile phone with an IOS or Android app allowing you to see and speak to the person through your mobile.  The benefit to this is that the person you are speaking to does not know that your home is empty!!


This kit also has the capability for access control from the internal monitor via an electric door strike. With the touch of a button, the door can be released.  This is especially useful in the instance of multi level living.


* Conditions apply - single story building with ceiling access. Includes 1 door station and 1 internal monitor

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