Ducted Vacuum


Why struggle with bulky, noisy vacuum cleaners?

An integrated ducted vacuum system makes the job easier  with no heavy lifting.  While portable vacuum cleaners appear to clean a room, they can in fact release dust, bacteria and allergens back into the air. Ducted vacuum systems remove all vacuumed dust particles, allergens and odours, creating a healthier living environment for you and your family.

We thoroughly plan the system to suit your home so that only the most efficient and appropriate unit is installed.


Healthier Living Environment
Unlike portable vacuum cleaners that can re-circulate dust, a ducted vacuum system removes all vacuumed dust, dirt and allergens out of your living area and into a canister - usually located in the garage - to dramatically improve indoor air quality. That makes for a healthier home even if you don't suffer from allergies.


Powerful Suction
A ducted vacuum system has up to 5 times more power than most conventional portable vacuum cleaners delivering up to 100 litres per second of suction.
The heavy duty motors used ensure hard to shift dust and dirt will be removed from your valuable carpets, soft furnishings and other floor coverings, both protecting and prolonging their lives.


Faster Cleaning
Versatile enough to be used just about anywhere : carpets, polished floor boards, slate, tile & vinyl floors, curtains and blinds, cornices, skirting boards & shelves, furniture, staircases, cars, caravans & boats, verandahs, decking and al-fresco's.


Whisper Quiet
The loud irritating noise associated with portable vacuum cleaners is dramatically reduced with a ducted vacuum system. The power unit is usually located well away from living areas, so you can vacuum without disturbing other activities going on in your home. Mufflers and silencers can be fitted to most models to reduce sound levels even further.


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