CCTV Camera Systems


From 2 camera home systems to multi building businesses, people install security camera systems for lots of reasons. Whatever your need, we can advise on the right CCTV system to suit you and your environment.


See who comes and goes whilst you are out, or enjoy the peace of mind of being able to see who is hanging around whilst you're safely inside!


Our experienced security technicians will assess your home or business layout, and advise you on the best location of cameras as well as which type of cameras to use to ensure you get maximum coverage.


The CCTV systems we recommend are all 4K cameras, commercial quality, capture clear images and are EASY to use and play back. Systems are fully customisable and can be upgraded, expanded and integrated as your needs change.


Our solutions range from basic video surveillance systems to deter and monitor shoplifting, through to complete video surveillance solutions which automatically trigger alerts based on motion detection by programmable cameras.


Of course, you can even view your camera footage in real time on your smart phone or mobile device.  With our security camera solutions, you can view images from multiple cameras following an alarm activation, dramatically increasing the likelihood of identifying the true cause of an alarm. 



Wireless CCTV Camera Systems


Wireless technology has come a long way from its beginnings.


You can now place your cameras several kilometres away as long as there is clear line of sight between the camera transmitter and the receiver and there is power at each end.


Particularly useful in a farm environment, you can monitor Machinery Sheds, Calving Paddocks, Milking Rooms, Holding Pens and Production Lines with ease.


In a home environment, you can easily monitor your home, long driveway, storage sheds and out buildings without the need to run camera cables.  Ideal for larger homes, architectural designs and multi level dwellings.


The applications for this type of system are endless.  Keep equipment safe at your sporting club, monitor the various ovals and courts or watch delivery areas all from the comfort of the Club House or office.


You can even view your camera footage in real time on your smart phone or mobile device.

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